The importance of oral health for people is an undeniable fact known by everyone. Bacteria and germs in mouth may cause a serious health problem for our body. Preventing the growth of bacteria is very important to fight against gum disease and bad odor. Aktident Denture Cleansing Tablets protects dentures against bacteria and stains. Allows you get a result in a short time. Cleans the dentures fast and perfectly without any damaging the sensitive material. Aktident Denture Cleansing Tablets contains active oxygen and removes plaques. Helps to prevent bad odor in mouth.

Directions for use

At first remove coarse food particles under running water. Add one Aktident Denture Cleansing Tablet to a glass of warm water (100-200 ml, 35°C) and immediately immerse the denture or brace completely in the cleansing solution. Aktident Denture Cleansing Tablet hygienically clean and fresh within 3 minutes. Lasting disinfection within 15 minutes. Cleaning overnight is also possible. Before replacing into mouth, rinse thoroughly under clear water.