Four Times Action

  • Long lasting adhesive power
  • Elastical cushioning
  • Immediate action
  • High comfort

A strong adhesion of dentures and remain constant concern to most denture users and significantly affects to feel safe. It is a problem that needs to be taken seriously. In difficult adhesion and excessive saliva conditions, proven efficacy and herbal Aktident Denture Adhesive Cream is recommended for use.

Aktident Denture Adhesive Cream contains natural extracts of chamomile and sage. Helps to prevent sores and inflammation. Quick action and provides reliable hold. Gives confidence while laughing, speaking and eating. Increases comfort by elastic cushioning between gums and dentures. Helps to avoid that annoying food particle get under your denture.

Directions for use

Clean denture with Aktident Denture Cleansing Tablets and dry denture thoroughly, apply 2-3 strips of Aktident Denture Adhesive Cream to the denture. Insert denture and press firmly into place and hold for a few seconds. Wait about 5 minutes before eating. Use the cream in adequate doses; otherwise denture adhesive strength may be affected negatively.