The denture cleansing set provides all you need for your daily denture care.

Content of the set : Denture cleansing gel, brush and storage box in an elegant carrying bag.



For rapid, thorough cleaning and care of dentures, partial dentures and braces with the denture brush. Aktident Denture Cleansing Gel gives a feeling of complete cleanliness and pleasant smoothness of the denture. Regular denture hygiene has a favorable effect on the oral mucosa and helps prevent plaque formation and stimulus effects.

Directions for use

In the morning and evening put 1-2 drops of Aktident Denture Cleansing Gel on the moist denture or brace, clean intensively for 1-2 minutes with a moist Aktident Denture Brush, rinse thoroughly and replace denture in the mouth.

Removes tea, coffee and tobacco stains from denture



Daily cleaning of dentures is very important for adequate oral hygiene. Especially to prevent irritations and inflammations dentures must be cleaned fully.

Aktident Denture Brush with two-headed design provides effective cleaning in the large areas and hard-to-reach surfaces of the dentures. Helps remove plaques, food particles, stains and adhesive residues.

For perfect cleaning is recommended that you use Aktident Denture Brush together with Aktident Denture Cleanser Gel. Dentures are manufactured from precision materials and Aktident Denture Cleanser Gel is designed specifically for dentures. Also removes tobacco stains and gives shine, smoothness and complete hygiene.


Daily cleaning and care is as important for denture as it is for natural teeth from the angle of mouth hygiene and health. As you use the specially designed Aktident Denture Storage Box for the purpose of storing your denture, you can also use it during the daily cleaning of them. The vent holes on the lid part of the storage box help to prevent forming of any bacteria inside.


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