The 30% of the teeth surfaces are interdentals, which are very difficult to reach. Although most of the people made brushing their teeth a daily habit, the tooth decays and gingiva problems are still most frequent diseases. One of the reasons of this is not cleaning well enough the interdental surfaces despite of cleaning the teeth surfaces, which are easy to reach, well. The most important factor in our day to have healthy teeth is using dental floss and interdental brushes, which complies with personal requirements, besides brushing our teeth regularly. Aktident interdental brushes have been produced specially for interdental surfaces, which are difficult to reach.

Advantages of Aktident Interdental Brushes;

– Very thin, strong and plastic coated wire

– A handle, which provides an ergonomic grip

– A brush and a shaft, attached to each other with a special production technology

– A structure convenient to be used in the spaces of implants, bridges and dental braces.

– A facility of using the air ventilated cover supplied for hygiene as an extension piece by attaching it to the shaft part

– Easy access facility to all teeth interfaces, including the grinder teeth with its flexible brush