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Aktident Interdental Brushes

Plastic covered high tensile strength wire

Specially designed to clean thoroughly in the wider spaced between teeth and around the bridges and braces

The brush is easy to bend enabling full access to the interdental spaces in between the rear molars

Ergonomic handle & Each brush has its own hygienic cap

The brush is also fully flexible and after bending will retains its original shape

The brush is locked to the handle using a revolutionary production process making it virtually impossible for them to separate.

Aktident Denture Cleansing Gel and Brush

Protectıon agaınst bacterıa and germs

Prevents the formation of bacteria and germs in dentures

Whıtenıng and Smoothness

Provides effective whitening against cigarette, coffee, tea stains and gives excellent cleaning and a pleasant smooth feeling

Perfect Cleanıng

Denture Brush provides an effective cleaning with two-headed design in the large areas and hard-to-reach surfaces.